What is Product Marketing?

If you're at this page, you followed a link because you were curious about the discipline of Product Marketing, and what it is. Welcome!

Product Marketing is a relatively new discipline that evolved out of a need to relieve product managers of the activities that are keeping them from building new products. You might think of it as Product Management's unruly younger brother.

Product Marketing Managers do things that product managers don't have time to do: competitive analysis, sales enablement, writing blog posts, working with the marketing communications team, and acting as a resource for the sales team to help with sales calls.

Today, the role of Product Marketing has evolved to be more strategic, and more focused on market insights. Forward thinking organizations have given Product Marketing important responsibilities in market sizing, market segmentation, mastering the competitive landscape, empowering the sales team, and in some cases pricing. Many of these responsibilities were once the exclusive domain of Product Management.

  • A clear market position that distinguishes you from the competition

  • Product pricing and packaging

  • A marketing and promotion plan to help your sales channels succeed

  • Analysis of customer response and keeping the product relevant

Launches based on Outcomes, not Deliverables

Today, rather than focusing exclusively on deliverables, Product Marketers have taken the lead in launching products. Product Marketers look at the big picture, and consider how to best achieve the goals of the business. They then look at how a product launch supports these goals.

Rather than just being a date on the calendar, a product launch is a strategic marketing campaign. It has clear objectives, there is a strategy to achieve the objectives, there are a set of tactics to support the strategy, and there is a way to measure progress.

The role of a product marketer is to define the positioning and messaging of products, and to plan and execute product releases and launches.